At New Hope we want children and young people to find a place where they feel welcome, comfortable, and able to engage with the wider church community. We want to provide an environment where they feel safe, and are able to learn about the Bible in a way that supports their development spiritually, academically and in their relationship with God.

Children and young people are an integral part of our community, and therefore every effort is made to ensure we cater for all ages and requirements as much as possible. We currently follow Scripture Unions' Mosaic syllabus, and the groups have their own dedicated space tailored to Sunday Morning Children's Church.

We'd love to welcome your children and young people into our community, which begins at 10:30am every Sunday. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.


New Hope is committed to creating a safe environment across the church, and we believe that all those in a leadership position must demonstrate this duty of care to all children and young adults. All of our Children's Church workers have up to date DBS checks and have received comprehensive training on child protection procedures. The nominated individuals who manage our child protection statement and procedures have their names displayed in the Church building.